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Tahuti Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, NYC, is proud to present:


A special lecture and book signing by noted author, teacher and student of the A∴A∴:

J. Daniel Gunther
author of Initiation in the Aeon of the Child

Saturday, July 25, 2009
22 East 30th Street, New York, NY
6:00-8:00pm pm

A book signing will follow the lecture.

Mend me this shoe, that I may walk — finding the Fifth Power of the Sphinx

J. DANIEL GUNTHER, author of Initiation in the Aeon of the Child the Inward Journey, is a life-long student of esotericism, mythology and religion. For over thirty years he has been a member of A∴A∴ the teaching Order established by Aleister Crowley. He is considered one of the foremost Authorities on the doctrines of Thelema and the syncretic method of Magick and Mysticism taught by A∴A&there4

He is on the editorial board of The Equinox, published by Weiser, and has served as consultant and advisor for numerous other publications in the field of occultism.

On July 25, 2009, Daniel Gunther will appear in person at 22 East 30th Street in New York City to deliver his lecture entitled, "Mend me this shoe, that I may walk —finding the Fifth Power of the Sphinx.

The process of Initiation has traditionally been compared to walking or "going". It is commonly referred to as "the path" Initiation truly means a beginning and a setting into motion. It is the first step in an unending inward journey.

What is the proper way for a Student to begin this journey in the New Aeon of the Child? How do we realize and experience the Four Virtues of the Adept ? How do we overcome the inertia of incarnation and manifest the elusive Fifth Power of the Sphinx?

Join us the evening of July 25, 2009 to hear J. Daniel Gunther elucidate these and other topics central to this mystery of the Inward Journey.

Daniel Gunther's book, Initiation in the Aeon of the Child
will be available for purchase at this event.

It will also be available for presale via Paypal through our website.
Reserve your copy today.

I ... highly recommmend J. Daniel Gunther's Initiation in the Aeon of the Child: The Inward Journey which is, in my opinion, the most important doctrinal contribution since Crowley's death. — James Wasserman

This book is both enlightened and enlightening, and a welcome addition to the post-Crowleyan literature. It is clearly deserving of a place in the curricula of A∴A∴ and O.T.O., and it deserves to be welcomed and studied carefully by Thelemites of all persuasions. — Hymenaeus Beta, Frater Superior, Ordo Templi Orientis

Seats and books will still be available for purchase at the event

Please note we will only be able to accept cash the day of the event.

22 East 30th Street, New York, NY
Starting at 6:00 pm

$20.00 for Tahuti Lodge Members
(Pre-registration is now closed)

$25.00 for Non Members
(Pre-registration is now closed)

$35.00 in advance with purchase of 1 admission to lecture.
(Pre-sale is now closed)

Member: Admission + book combo $55
(Pre-sale is now closed)

Non-Members: Admission + book combo $60
(Pre-sale is now closed)

Books are $40.00 if purchased at the lecture on the day of the event.
Please be prepared to pay in cash.

All proceeds from this event will go toward supporting the Tahuti Lodge and its work in serving the NY/NJ Thelemic community.

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