Dues Subscription

Lodge Dues subscriptions

This page allows for more options to pay re-occurring dues every month at a variety of rates:

Distant and Associate Brothers and Sisters may subscribe using the button below, at a rate of $11 a month for 12 months. (The extra dollar is added to cover paypal fees.)

Minervals would be interested in the following button. You will be billed $21 dollars a month for the next twelve months. (Regular dues are $20, but we ask your indulgence of another dollar in order to cover the paypal fees.)

The following button is for $32 a month for 12 months, and would be commonly used by normal Brothers and Sisters of the Man of Earth Triad.

The following button is for $36 a month for 12 months

And one for $52 a month for 24 months. The extra $2 pay covers the paypal fees.

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