Lodge Dues

The members of Tahuti Lodge support the work of the Lodge through regular payment of dues. Dues pay for our temple rent and utilities, for equipment maintenance and upgrades, and other miscellaneous expenses. Details of all our expenses and income are provided to any dues paying current and active members of good report upon request. Member names are deleted to insure the confidentiality of our members.

Dues can be paid yearly or monthly, tiered in the following manner:

Affiliate$20Affiliate and distant Brothers and Sisters pay $20
Minerval$40Welcome guests
I°-III°$40Brothers and Sisters
IV° and above*Mandatory additional pledge above normal dues expected at this level suggested at $50

Dues can be paid in three ways


This service allows you to make payments of dues and pledges online.
You no longer need to have an account to use PayPal. All you need is a credit card or checking account.

It is free for you to use and is very secure and easy.

Paypal payments can be made to the following Paypal account: treasurer@tahutilodge.org. Please indicate with the payment the month(s) you are paying for.

To ‘subscribe’ to a recurring dues payment via Paypal for an entire year, please use the button bellow. You will be billed $42 dollars a month for the next twelve months. (The extra $2 are to cover the Paypal fees.)

N.B. Brothers or Sisters who wish to subscribe at some other pledge rate need only contact the webmaster and he will be happy to set up a Paypal subscription button at a different rate. New buttons will appear on the Dues Subscription page as they are requested.

In Person

You can also pay your dues or pledge in person at the Lodge to any Officer if the Treasurer is not present.

You will receive a receipt for your payment.

Dues Lapsed Status

The Lodge defines “dues lapsed” as failing to remain current in payment of Local body dues for three or more consecutive months without making other arrangements, such as requesting a dues waiver.

The master of the Lodge may suspend the Lodge membership of any Lodge member who becomes dues lapsed. Members who become dues lapsed can reinstate their dues current status by paying any back dues owed, and remaining current thereafter.


Tahuti Lodge gratefully accepts donations. You may choose to make a monetary donation to the Lodge, even if you are not a member.

If you choose to use Paypal, please use the following button:

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